Corresponding Cards

2009-02-01 - Solution - #10
"We are going to find a solution"

2008-12-21 - Pappillots - #20
"I just ate 1 kilo of chocolate and I'm diabetic"

2008-07-06 - manquerez - #9 (contradictory)
"I won't miss you"

2007-10-22 - parite_loin - #10
"Having moved far away from you remains one of my biggest regrets"

2007-12-04 - planifie - #23, #19
"Mom. I love you so much that I'm already planning my suicide so that I can leave you leave me because I could never live without you. I love you.

2008-11-16 - vole - #30, #31, #32
"I stole this postcard"

2008-08-17 - voler - #30, #31, #32
"More than one time, I stole money from the charity box at my work to byuy lunch. Thanks.."

2008-08-17 - facile - #10
"Me. You. Easy."

2008-08-17 - copain - #35 (contradictory)
"I have no more friends because I have a boyfriend"

2008-09-07 - regrette - #25
"I ask myself again why I did it...It was just for him" (I regret it so much)

2008-03-09 - peur - #28 (mistake)
"I'm afraid I will never find someone I adore as much as you"
There are a few grammatical mistakes in this one.

2008-03-23 - quitte - #10
"I left you because she lived 1 kilometer closer than you"

2008-04-13 - en_vie - #23
"I sincerely think that he is still alive and will one day return"

2008-05-04 - mialeur - #7
"I hear him meowing even though I know that she's no longer there"

2008-05-11 - regrette - #25?
"I regret having kissed you"

2008-05-18 - regime - #20
"...and to say that I'm on a diet" (candy wrappers)

2008-06-01 - pays - #9
"Thanks to my adopted country...I'll miss you"

2008-06-29 - abbandonerais - #35
"I would give up everything for you if only you would ask"

2008-07-06 - offrent_plus - #19
"Without you the streets of Paris aren't exciting anymore"

2008-07-13 - connard - #4

2008-07-27 - autant - #27
I ask myself all the time if she loves me as much as she loves her ex. But I'd never ask because I'm afraid of the repsonse"

2008-11-22 - frigo - #22 (contradictory)
"My fridge is empty but only because I'm too lazy to go to the store"

2008-12-07 - menti - #28
"This day when you asked me I loved you more than her...I lied"

2009-04-12 - venger - #4
"I kept it so I could get revenger"

1. "I am a genius. But usually people don't recognize my gift, because my genius is not related to my success. Now I'm trying to prove that I am a genius in biology. I will win competitions and then I will be able to laugh at the system that only recognizes people that do everything perfectly, and will only bury talent (because of that). This is my third wish on my birthday."

2. "The result justifies the deed."

3. "What to do if I cannot love you? But I was afraid of it more: What to do if you cannot love me?"

4. "I hate you."

5. "When I was 12, my younger brother found out that I had injured myself and told our mother. So far, I cannot forgive him for this."

6. "I threw away all the photos except the last because I still love them!"

7. "Everyday I think about you"

8. "Love is my secret and mine for good."

9. "I miss you"

10. "I chose my country over her love."

11. " "It spends what it spends..." It is not real."

12. "You are my love, my life, my savior, my prince. Even apart, we are together."

13. "I do not manage to leave from here."

14. "If I was more beautiful, you would be here with me now."

15. "These two people have made me survive University in Canada."

16. "I jumped I jumped from dream to dream."

17. "I am an outsider in this place without you."

18. "If I had taken the time to listen to you and known how difficult it was to stop taking, perhaps you would still be here. Pardon me Papi, I love you very much."

19. "After you there is nobody because without you there is nothing ..."

20. "I like eating so much that sometimes I hide food in the cupboard to eat alone."

21. "Does Assisi remember? I do not forget."

22. "I found my twin soul in Mexico. And now I have returned to the United States. I am scared I will never see it again.

23. "When you die, I will be all alone. I am afraid."

24. "I will do some things. Come only to the house of Italy. Miss me."

25. "We told ourselves it would only happen once. It did not. I am ashamed and in love."

26. "Think about his karma!"

27. "Because you go around for the world??"

28. "It will never ever allow me to love anybody as much as I have loved him. Happy Valentines Day."

29. "This boy and this girl are trying to hide the puppy in his house."

30. "The friend of my sister steals in the shops."

31. "I stole the doll of a girl in the school... She gave me a flagrant one and, while crying, called me a thief! I was only 4 or 5 years old... minor offender."

32. "When I was five years old, I stole a bracelet of my father's from his work."

33. "Insult has broken my heart, and I am weak. I looked and there was none. love."

34. "Don't let the bastards grind you down."

35. "If you loved me, I would leave the whole world: family, friends, all for you. You are the only person who deserves me."